Household Cleaning

At Matheson Cleaning services, we believe that a cleaning company should take into consideration the needs of each client and form a cleaning schedule around that individual customer and not lump everyone together.

Hiring a cleaning company to come into your home can be stressful; a total stranger is entering your home where you and your family live. Matheson cleaning services understands your stress and will do everything we can to alleviate it. You are able to meet the housecleaners before they enter your home if you choose.

Unlike other home cleaning companies, we are very selective on who we hire; we do not hire just anyone to fill a position, we screen each prospective employees very carefully and train them in the latest techniques to clean and sanitize your home. We want you to feel comfortable leaving us in your home.

House cleaning services are very specialized, and other household cleaning services may not understand this they may use harsh chemical that can cause damage to your family’s health. However at Matheson Cleaning Services, we understand that you and your children live in your home and we use only the highest quality eco friendly cleaning products to clean and sanitize your home; our pride in our work shows in your home.

Most house cleaning companies run as a business, they are impersonal and distant; they think of you as a paid invoice number and not as a person. We treat our customers as we would are own family. Other household cleaning companies put you on their schedule without going into details or obtaining minimal details on what you want done. There are a few house cleaning companies that require you to fill out extensive paperwork asking useless question about your home.

We take the time to get to know our customers and listen to what their needs and expectations are. We develop a cleaning schedule according to your needs.